Now I joined blowoutcards forum just to see what all the complaints about people getting suspended through them were all about. This is no joke, they have rediculous moderators who are 100% SUSPEND HAPPY, and all up in your business. 


 for example, today I was showing a friend I made on there a few cards I got in the mail today.

i check the thread I started and it had posts all over saying questionable prices, and knocking the price I put up VIA. Blowoutcards gay rules, I wrote back to one of the members that said something smart to me who was minding my own business, he wrote me first starting static!!!! So I gave him a piece of my mind telling him exactly what I thought about his comment, now keep in mind these guys started knocking me about my prices that were 500$ cheaper than BECKETT magazine.  I wrote back to two of the mentally challenged people on there that go by the names wegoingsizzler, and meetsJSquared, it has been confirmed they really are special so maybe they were mad at me saying something to the short bus riders, and for that I am sorry, I didn’t realize they were special.

but I have never met them before, they started posting on my thread ignorant things that were followed by my completely rational comment back. Nothing out of the ordinary or cursing or threatening, and I get a message saying I’m suspended until 7-9-14 WOW!!! You can’t defend yourself on that forum if you are a new member. They take the side of the ones who have been on there for a long time….

now as for buying, 75% of what you buy you do get, the other 25% you have to chalk up as a loss and there’s nothing they will do about it!! 

The moderators are complete idiots and bother everyone, they will but I to everything, there like the GOOFEY kids when you were in elementary school and wore the badge and whistle running around telling you not to run around.

cant remember what they were called, I just call them special! They think there the president of the United States of America or something! Now sports cards forum has been great, nice members, no problems with getting ripped off!!

and if you sell on BLOWOUTCARDS FORUM, be willing to sel your things for 1$ on every 10$ it’s worth!! And buying on blowoutcards, you get junk in the mail, creased cards, whited out edges, surface on over eighty percent of the cards looks like someone was floor surfing on them!! 

So of you join blowoutcards, be willing to put up with total BS for the first year, and be waiting on getting suspended from them, because it’s coming buddy!!   Stick with eBay, the people on blowoutcards are the ones that got kicked off eBay, and want to keep selling there crap!! You get no tracking over half the time, and a quarter of the time you get nothing!!! Period, and the so called moderators do nothing about it, this forum is filled with the most GOOFEY. Nerds you have ever dealt with, and the bad thing is their Bad boy GEEKS, yeah you know the type, WOW, the ones I school that used to get slapped for having a mouth on them.

so if you want to deal with complete BS go there, if not try sportscards forum, and all the ones on blowout think they know everything too, it’s hilarious to listen to some of the SHIZ that they say!!!     Save your money and time, don’t do blowoutcards!!!!! Thank you guys for your time!!


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