Ok, to start this conversation off there has been a lot of people who have given up on Robert Griffin III why? This is still the same man who won rookie of the year and took the NFL by swarm in 2012, while not living up to his rookie season last year and playing the whole while looking like RoboCop, that in its self says a lot about him to me, this guy did not even have to step a foot onto the football field in 2013 but still did you & me he obviously loves what he does to play at 50% and risk the rest of his career to continue to play the game he loves.      He is down right electrifying, and know one has ever came close to playing the game like him now or I’m willing to bet anytime soon in the future. 

Ok lets talk about how so very bad he supposedly did last year, and keep in mind the guy was at half health and completely limited and disabled from being RG3.   2012 Stats are as follows- Passing yards-3,200 Touchdowns-20 Interceptions-5 Quarterback rating-102.4% Interception%-1.3 Rushing Yards-815 Rushing touch downs-7 Average rushing Yards Per Carry-6.8 With a long of 76 Yards, those are insane numbers and especially for a rookie new to the league with mainly Rookies and young teammates, now that’s leadership. He finished his rookie season with a 9-6 record and completed almost 66% of his passes, those are numbers that are setting a new standard of the kind of Quarterback that should be playing the position, and the guy can throw over 70 yards in the air! And accurate at that.      Now lets break down his so called horrid season and the reason so many turned their backs on him.     2014 Stats are as follow- Passing yards 3,203 Yards, that’s 3 more than the previous year that he won ROY Completion Percentage 60.1 % that’s the Norm for a franchise QB Touch Downs 16 Interceptions, yes he fell in those category’s and again he looked like RoboCop, Props for entertaining us in the first place RG3, and he majorly dropped in the win category, that will not happen this year now that he’s 100% Rushing Yards 489 Yards with a long of 26 and an average of 5.6 Yards Per Carry.      Now come on, did he really do that Bad? He still Kept a Quarterback Rating of 82.2% which is a franchise QB’s Rating all day long in my and the rest of the worlds book.

Now that RG3 is back with his leg brace off, new teammates to throw to better than he’s ever had in the past, and that fight and winning edge that is RG3, there is no way I don’t have them penciled in as a playoff lock in my book. Robert Griffin III Is a Quarterback that literally try’s to put his team on his shoulders and carry them down the field, the whole while spitting Blood Sweat and tears, he has a will about him that says no I’m not finished and for all those that doubted me watch this. There are a lot of reasons RG3 and the Skins are my Team for 2014 and one of the main ones are the controversy alone of Everyone saying he’s no good and since his injury he will never be the same, he had his 15 minutes, these are all things I’ve personally read and it made me laugh, but I bet you RG3 was not laughing, and in the past what happens when you piss RG3 off like TCU against BAYLOR, he would rather die than not give his all on the Gridiron! And he is coming into the NFL this year to throw all that salt right back into the faces of Everyone who salted him, he is a guy that says NO I will not go Gently Into that good night, NO I am not finished, I am not done by any stretch of the imagination, NO You will not get the best of me “LIKE THE TERMINATOR”  HE WILL BE BACK!  And he will punish everyone he comes across this year, if I’m wrong I will shut my mouth and never speak again! I see this man going for that ring this year, and for all the teams that stand in his way I feel for.

RG3 has proven to us over and over again, when you think he’s down and out and bet against him that’s when you go broke, it is never a smart thing to bet against him. and to take a look at the weapons this man has at his disposal is all the more reason I am saying right now he will be in the late rounds of the playoffs, and my pick for the Super Bowl this year “2014” Please keep in mind Alfred Morris is still the skins running back, and new weapons added like DeSean Jackson, Jerry Rice JR. And the stand out rookie of last season Jordan Reed,m2014 is going to be a whole lot of fun to watch and I am proud to have been born in this ERA of football. 

TO RG3 MR. Robert Griffin III- Thank you for bleeding your heart and soul into every play you run simply for our entertainment, I will never give up on you or turn my back on you Beacuse you rolled the dice and came up short one year, it just proves to me and should the rest of the world what kind of Morals and integrity you have even stepping onto that field hurt the way you were last year.  WITH ALL SINCERITY THANK YOU FOR BEING RG3!


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