Comparing the four top sports cards and Collectibles Grading company’s, getting the most for your money! Your going to want to read this.

Ok, I want to try to knock some sense into the people that are supporting these company!

let’s start with PSA, with prices that are Obserd and ignorant, they are the easiest to knock off this list first. With prices up to 100$ per single sports card for immediate service “getting your personal belongings back from them” I simply don’t understand why people are using this company anymore, and they are! And for a regular 5 day “working days” service, they charge around 50$ per card to be graded, so for them to put their hands on your items, look at them under a black light WOO HOO!!! And stare at every inch of your collectibles, and then 9 times out of ten give you a bad grade for doing so, you are going to pay them 250$ for five of your cards to be graded, and that’s after you have already payed what ever you payed for the cards in the first place. now I will give the one thing, they are great In the handling of your items, and literally in a league of their own on authenticating autographs.

Now it’s your turn Beckett magazine……… They used to be the best in value, but that comes later in our conversation. Now Beckett is more along the lines of 11-12$ per card for their grading, and then you have to add a dollar for anything that has an autograph on it????,, really, are you honestly charging me an extra dollar because my card is autographed? Now I’m not talking about you going to Yankee stadium and getting DEREK JETER to autograph a card you brought with you, NO!!!!!!!! That’s a whole conversation of its own, they want to charge you a dollar extra for every card already written in print by the company , the one that is stamped on the back or front of your card that reads “the signing of all…….what ever company……….autograph cards is witnessed by………what ever company……..representatives to guarantee authenticity.. You actually have the nerve to charge me an extra dollar for an order of 150 cards that are all autographed “150 dollars”, and then actually have the nerve to put a stupid grade on my autograph? I can’t count how many times I got a eight on my autograph dropping the value of my card after you had the nerve to charge me a dollar to grade the stupid thing that is stamped already saying its authentic, no you want to drop the value of my card because you felt like grading a damn autograph?? Now PSA HAS THEM BEAT IN THAT DEPARTMENT, THEY ARE NOT STUPID ENOUGH TO GRADE AN AUTOGRAPH!!!!!….. Now BECKETT has them all beat in the quality and look of their slabs.

As if those company’s aren’t bad enough you have a newer company trying to line their pockets with your hard earned cash, their name is SMA SGG SWP STE STU,  I honestly don’t know their name off the top of my head, and will not be learning their name.  But anyways, they begin with S and they have two other initials I don’t care too remember.  They want to charge you BECKETT  prices for ugly green slabs and they put a retarded 9.6 9.8 9.2 or what ever, trying to make people’s cards low populations by adding five separate grades between a 9 & 10, their too stupid to buy or even try to keep up with to me.


NOW TO THE POINT, THEIRS A NEW COMPANY THAT GRADES REGULAR SIZED CARDS, NOT THICK CARDS FOR TWO DOLLARS PER CARD, EVEN AUTOGRAPHED CARDS ARE ONLY TWO DOLLARS PER CARD, AND THEY DON’T MESS YOUR CARDS UP PUTTING AN IGNORANT GRADE ON YOUR ACTUAL AUTOGRAPH. who in their right mind wouldn’t be using these guys? Two dollars for regular sized cards, and I think three no more than four dollars for jersey and thick cards!!! They do amazing grading, they are marketable on eBay, and they get your cards back to you in five business days? Really? Yes really!!! You can literally slab your entire collection at those prices, and they use the exact slabs PSA uses. The choice of coarse is yours, but why pay these company’s that actually have the nerve to offer a forty day grading level at eight dollars per card, that is two months exactly when you have forty day business days grading! That’s just nuts!!! Well, just something to think about, you can keep throwing your money away because you like their marketability, slabs, or employees better. What ever the reason, it’s a stupid reason to use PSA Beckett or SMS, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU HAVE A COMPANY THAT IS WILLING TO GRADE HUGE ORDERS FOR ONLY TWO DOLLARS PER CARD, SMALL ORDERS FOR ONLY TWO DOLLARS PER CARD, OR A SINGLE DAMN CARD FOR TWO DOLLARS PER CARD.
I’ve said all I wanted to say, now the choice is up too you, so I will be back to update this page, I had to write this really fast and I didn’t get to say everything I wanted to say, but I think I said enough to make you stop getting ripped off!     THIS IS THE ONLY NAME YOU NEED TO REMEMBER GMA. OK, DO YOU HAVE IT? GMA!!! SAY IT ONE MORE TIME, I WANT TO DRILL THIS IN YOUR HEADS GMA!!!!!









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